We are on the road with the “CHANGE DAILY” campaign.

For 5 years we have spoken with courageous people, accompanied unique projects and documented inspiring stories on film. The films are about change and the desire to lead a more sustainable life. They show the most diverse perspectives and innovative ideas and make us firmly believe that social change is possible.

This new era of rapid, visible, global change is inspiring us to begin a new chapter. Every day positive change happens, all over the world but just as likely to happen right next to you. We go in search of it. We show you this in series of daily documentaries, where you can follow the steps from the idea to the film. This is how the idea for CHANGE DAILY came about. The change inside and outside, every day.

On the way by train, e-folding bikes and all kinds of film equipment we will be on the way to people and projects that live their visions and create places of success. Every day change, inside and outside, this is our goal and we are fully committed to an experiment of documentary film and our own change of lifestyle. The way is the goal and we plan some stations and leave a lot of room for new inspiration and your suggestions for changemakers.

It will get much better! Every day of the journey will be a piece of the puzzle for a documentary, every series a documentary with a different theme.

In order to create a basis, we want to deal with the topic of change in the first series. What does change mean for us?

To give you a little taste, here are some people and projects we plan to visit:

Greenpeace / Futur Zwei / Harald Welzer / BUNDJugend / Karuna e.G. / SHIFTphones / Original Unverpackt / Stiftung Bildung / Waldviertler / Heini Staudinger / Globale Verantwortung / SDG Watch / Weltbildungskonferenz / Monneta / ZEGG / Permakulturgarten am Steyerberg / Bilbo Calvez / Glücksschule Muttenz / Schloss Tempelhof / Earthship Germany / Hanffaser / Schoeffel / OYA Magazin / Johannes Heimrath / Green Line Hotels / Ende Gelände / Declan Kennedy / Gerald Hüther / Eco-Dorf Wünsdorf / Wir bauen Zukunft e.G. / EWS / Hambacher Forst / Sarah Lesch / Muckemacher / Ticket To The Moon / Erwin Thoma / Fridays For Future / Otto Herz / Ökodorf Siebenlinden / Rat für nachhaltige Entwicklung uva.

CHANGE DAILY, the series and genesis of a road movie And you are always there. We will inform you when it starts.