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FILMING FOR CHANGE offers you independent and informative contributions from many different areas.

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  • Portraits of people and projects
  • Change Talks
  • Songs for Change
  • thematic documentaries
  • SYNOPTIC – News from the future

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At a glance: we show a change of perspective and believe in social change

For 5 years we have spoken with courageous people, accompanied unique projects and documented inspiring stories on film. The films are about change and the desire to lead a more sustainable life. They show the most diverse perspectives and innovative ideas and make us firmly believe that social change is possible.

So far we have made our films without any support or funding, the website of FILMING FOR CHANGE has been and is constantly fed with new films and already now you can see hours of inspiration from fantastic people, changemakers, the heroes of change and their projects here. We are proud of this and we are looking forward to go this way and meet all these people.

Now, however, a broad impact requires not only great commitment but also financial resources. The FFCH platform should grow, filmmakers from all over the world want to contribute their films, the films should reach many people. This requires infrastructure, multilingualism, travel costs and more.
If the project or the partial financing is successful, we will continue to work on our campaign and the films with a lot of heart and soul.

Shooting is imminent, which we can realize with your support. In concrete terms, we'll invest the money in personnel costs, travel and accommodation, equipment and post-production, as well as transcriptions, subtitling and post-production in the studio.

At the same time we are expanding the website and making it a global change platform, inviting filmmakers worldwide to release their films on FILMING FOR CHANGE.
The future belongs to the brave. And that is exactly what we want to do - we want to encourage positive change in our society with our contents, we want to record and show alternatives that are already successfully lived and can serve as a model for a future fit for the grandchildren.

Everyone likes to watch films - from young to old, so we do not limit our target group. With the medium of film, we can reach many people and inspire them to think about a future that is just emerging and waiting to be lived.

Tell all your friends, acquaintances and also strangers about FILMING FOR CHANGE and spread our contributions and our concern.

We thank you for your trust and the support you have given us so far: THANK YOU!